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Thank You For A Great First Year!

A Recap of Our First Winter

After our first winter, Dude and the Dog Oil is overwhelmingly happy with the progress we have made. Our goals were set and we strived to meet them!

  • Establish a customer base of great customers. We have added new friends, both two and four legged. We have reunited with old oil customers. Every opportunity to meet, talk, play, and serve has been welcomed with enthusiasm.

  • Encourage my customers to have an automatic account. Customers that allowed us to manage their oil deliveries, we tried to deliver approximately 175 gallons. This number is low enough that a customer won’t panic, yet high enough to be an efficient delivery for us. We averaged approximately 167 gallons. Our deliveries were lower due to opportune times when oil was lower at the terminals.

  • Maintain consistent and competitive pricing. As tempting as it was to let people haggle us down just to make a sale. We found ourselves desiring trusting customers who knew we would always be fair. We do not want to measure our customers’ worth in discounts. It is unfair to other customers and would be hurtful and detrimental to our business.

Delivery Made                Tank Capacity

                                             275           550

Automatic:                       $3.42       $3.40

Customer Called:         $3.43       $3.46

       * If you averaged anything higher, you overpaid!

  • Embody honesty, reliability, and commitment to service. We proudly can say we denied no request for our help. We were able to make the deliveries when their regular companies could not. Most of these became our customers thereafter.

  • Increase Dudes availability to emergency alarms in my community. It is our goal to add as many oil customers locally. As an owner I can easily excuse myself from my work duties and respond to the emergency .

In summary, we strongly urge you to call us . We will take the time to enlighten you about all facets of oil/heating. There are so many strategies used by companies to drain your wallet. Let us explain the myths and dispel the untruths. Hopefully, we will win your trust and business. There is no rule that says you must overpay for oil to receive the service provided for the equipment. We can and will save you money on oil, and a local heating independent contractor can offer everything larger oil companies can. Please do your homework. Many companies have positives and negatives; however, we are not a company. We are a family owned business and we intend to set the bar high!

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